Monthly Archives: March 2009

First Day in Dessau

I had much less problem sleeping than I expected last night — I guess the lack of naps combined with the busy day got me to sleep before midnight, and the morning sun woke me up at a somewhat reasonable hour. It just took a while for my legs to accept it was morning and get me out of bed… (more…)


Well, I’m here in Frankfurt on my second day. The youth hostel’s computer has a weird keyboard that is very slow to type on, and that’s my only internet for now, so pictures and stuff will come when I get to Dessau. For now things are going fine!

Final Prep & Chicago

Wow! The compression sack my mom lent me is amazing! All my clothes fit in it, and then I can compress them to take up even less space.  When I get it down all the way, all my clothes take up about the same amount of space as a ziplock or two (as I was packing them in clear ziplocks before I used the sack).

I finally went and made a list of places I want to see (more…)

TV Overdose

Battlestar’s end was just too awesome! I need my fix of BSG, and now I’m going back and rewatching early episodes. Recognizing all the cylon skinjobs in the show makes it more amusing. I’m not sure it’s helping that two guys from the show are now in Dollhouse… Having finished BSG, I’m finally getting back to making progress on Buffy. TV is (more…)

Paris & Amsterdam

I’ve started making plans for post-final-projects traveling time in Europe. I need to decide on this soon so I can get my Eurail pass >.< If I buy the pass, it will cost slightly more than the two individual train tickets, but I will get 3 more days of travel. The thing is, what will I do with 3 extra days of travel (more…)

The Cliff of Graduation

I’ve started packing some for Germany, mostly things like summer clothes. I’m starting to get pretty nervous about going! It’s going to be a new experience to be traveling in Europe by myself. I’m going to try to fit all the things I need for four months into a hiking backpack and a carry-on backpack for the flight over. (more…)

Engineering Open House

I had a nice lunch with Eric at Lai Lai on Green Street on Thursday. They have good Chinese food and Eric enlightened me about Germany, from the size of beer they serve to the prominence of skinhead groups, when he studied there. D: I made reservations and bought tickets and stuff for my arrival. I get into Frankfurt at 10am on (more…)