Battlemac Cake

Sunday was a pretty nice day. My dad made a “German pancake” with strawberry filling for breakfast before church. My mom and I had a nice time talking to some new people at the potluck afterwards. I’m a little disappointed with myself for not doing anything particular in the afternoon, since I have quite a bit to work on. It was relaxing though. In the evening we had a great dinner (it was actually a little ridiculous!) with scallops, steak stuffed with goat cheese, and lobster tails. I think my mom had fun doing it, although it was a little rushed and the lobster came out kind of overcooked. I guess she just needs more practice making lobster. ;) The food was still really great. I wasn’t expecting her to make so much gourmet food!

Laptop? BSG Insigia? Battle Mac?
Laptop? BSG Insigia? Battle Mac?

We had a cake that my dad decorated and presents. My favorite was a teeny book of the periodic table! It’s so cute, and nicely designed. And of course, the periodic table is one of my favorite examples of design meeting science. Amazing data visualization! I think the underlying complexity of the periodic table is better proof for intelligent design/god than the whole Bible. I just think I would be swayed more by arguments based on that than on some strange and often contradictory scriptures humans wrote down from visions.

I gather Verizon needs to be kept an eye on, as it sounds like they plan to share users’ data. I think this is really silly and a pain, but I will be trying to remember to check and opt out of the agreement when it shows up in my messages.

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  1. phil
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    Happy happy birfday Ellen!

    Remember that you can opt out of the contract and get an iPhone! :o)

    As for the periodic table – it gets even more weird with the different combinations of isotopes – who knows what some of the obsure ones can do. You also have to look at stuff like plasma – etc stuff that people barely know about. You then look at how big the universe is and realize that humanity will never ever see the other side of the universe!

    Now that’s design.

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