Creeping towards departure

Changed the header image again — slowly making progress towards sweet-looking chem glassware. Not sure if I like them in different colors or whether I want to go with my kelly green color. Some day they’ll be reflective and stuff. At the moment I guess it looks like I just slapped clip art on there. I need to give thought to how I’ll make the header text actually look designed instead of just a centered H1 tag… I’m still trying to get used to designing and positioning with CSS.

I ordered my Eurail pass today, so hopefully that and my Hostelling membership card will show up before I leave in a week!

I’ve been making an effort to go out walking the past couple of mornings, and I took some pictures on the last walk. Wednesday I went to the mall to take advantage of the low prices on pants (which are freaking expensive normally!) and stuff for going to Germany. I’m running out of space in my bag though…

I visited my high school in the afternoon and said hi to some of my teachers, and then to the Union to meet my friends. That was a failure, so we ended up going to Rose’s house instead, to play pool for free instead of paying the Union to use their tables. Thus I met Rose’s snake, Sebastian, and in the evening I learned how to play Guitar Hero.

5 Responses to “Creeping towards departure”

  1. Abe
    | Reply

    How is Uni these days? Any major changes?

  2. ellen
    | Reply

    Uni seems to be rolling along as usual. Mr. Butler wants pictures of the Bauhaus, and I tried to convince him that he should talk about it in class, since it is fairly important to the history of design and he’s covering the lead-in to WWI currently, after which the Bauhaus was founded.

  3. Orion
    | Reply

    WHAT! What! you have spring there? Already! It isn’t due for another month! Quit stealing our springtime!
    Anyway, best of luck on your upcoming trip! You’ll keep posting throughout that time, correct?

  4. ellen
    | Reply

    Yup. That’s what the blog is for. And it’s actually cold this week – earlier it was more than 70˚! Back down to the 50˚s today.

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