Final Prep & Chicago

Wow! The compression sack my mom lent me is amazing! All my clothes fit in it, and then I can compress them to take up even less space.  When I get it down all the way, all my clothes take up about the same amount of space as a ziplock or two (as I was packing them in clear ziplocks before I used the sack).

I finally went and made a list of places I want to see Saturday and Sunday when I’m in Frankfurt. It’s not that long, but I’m hoping it will be the right amount of sights. I want to make sure I have time to wander around and look at the city.

Walking along the lake 

My family took a trip up to Chicago today to do a family outing before I leave. We left early in the morning and got up to Millenium Park about 9:30, parked the car, and walked down to the Field Museum, where they were having a special exhibit on PIRATES :D My mom says I need to work as an exhibit designer for a science museum of some sort. It makes sense, but it also sounds like a potentially boring job, judging by what displays look like and the probable lack of variety in work. Dunno.

The exhibits were cool, and I learned some stuff about pirates I didn’t know, like most ships had a large fraction of Africans and even some Native Americans. Also that there is a kind of ship called a pink. I also learned that I need to visit Giant’s Causeway someday because I want to see basalt columns in as close a setting as I can get to Amateria. We also saw the Aztec exhibit, but it was just a fairly normal set of stone carvings etc. I learned stuff about the Aztecs too, the pirates were just way cooler.

The Island of the Dead by Max Klinger
The Island of the Dead by Max Klinger

We got tickets to the Munch exhibit at the Art Institute, which was a well-argued presentation of him as a much more varied and confused person than the angsty caricature we normally hear about. The pictures were okay, I don’t really care for Munch’s style, especially since he just kind of made his unstable, angsty persona up. (According to the exhibit’s argument.) Their description of him actually reminded me of Lovecraft, who also presented a bit of an artificial persona to the public. They were displaying a lot of his influences though, and I really liked an engraving by Max Klinger called The Island of the Dead. As far as Munch goes, I liked a couple of his self-portraits because they showed a lot more refinement of technique than his typical stuff, without losing the tormented bohemian feel he liked so much.

Chicago Art Institute

We stopped and rested our feet at the au bon pain nearby, where the person making drinks showed amazing ingenuity by making my chai with coffee instead of water. Mmm, espresso chai. I don’t think so. Seriously, wtf were you thinking, putting coffee in my tea? I was bummed that a shop near the institute which I had really wanted to visit evidently went out of business. Eventually we wended our way to a Brazillian steakhouse for an impressive dinner. The idea of a Brazillian steakhouse is that you have a card that’s red and green, and waiters wander around with chunks of meat on skewers and lop chunks off onto your plate whenever you set your card to green. The food was pretty good, and it was a pretty fancy place —when we left the table to get food from the salad bar, they refolded our crumpled napkins and brushed crumbs off the table. After dinner we walked back to Millennium Park so Ethan could look at the Bean up close and then drove home.

The Bean
The Bean

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