First Day in Dessau

I had much less problem sleeping than I expected last night — I guess the lack of naps combined with the busy day got me to sleep before midnight, and the morning sun woke me up at a somewhat reasonable hour. It just took a while for my legs to accept it was morning and get me out of bed…

Mein Zimmer
Mein Zimmer

As you can see, I got a beautifully furnished room! The rest of the apartment is similarly furnished with nice simple stuff and plenty of tall windows.

My flatmate Janine is sick today so my penpal Antonia took me over to the meeting this evening to see the other foreign students. In the meantime I went in search of the Kaufland store where we bought dinner last night so I could get groceries. I think it was mostly luck that I managed to find it, but eventually I found food and made it home before I passed out on the sidewalk from starvation. Last night I tried something the Germans eat called “quark,” which is has the consistency of sour cream but tastes and is used somewhat like we would use cream cheese. It’s kind of hard to describe, but I liked it, at least the herb quark we had last night.

Dinner at the Bauhaus (Marla Mrowka)
Dinner at the Bauhaus (Marla Mrowka)

After the meeting we went and had dinner at the cafe under the Bauhaus, which wasn’t as exciting as I sort of thought it might be. The barkeep was very laid back and it took forever for our food to come out, and my tuna melt sandwich could have been the headwaters of Grease River. The company was good though! There are three Chinese students and one Brazilian student studying with us six Americans.


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  1. Marilyn Case
    | Reply

    Sounds like you are mostly enjoying yourself. When do your classes start?

    I envy you; enjoy your trip!

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