I Like Musicals

“How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying” was really really good! It was made all the funnier that the guy who plays piano at our church was head of the business. The acting and singing were very good, and the stage design was cool because they left the entire stage open – there was some set in the middle, but no curtains concealing the edges so you could see the wall in the back and everything. It was really weird when I checked the program notes and saw that the lead guy is a sophomore, putting him a year behind one of my classmates from high school, who would be in that actor’s program. Also making him about my age. Which is really weird. I’m not really used to this idea of having one year of college left…

It was really warm today, though not as sunny as yesterday when it was warm. So in light of the 65˚+ weather, I got a break from cleaning to clear out the gardens for spring.

My parents and I went for an evening of bowling with a bunch of people from church.  It was fun, although I came in last in my lane both times.  I’m not a very good bowler! :(

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  1. Abe
    | Reply

    The key, I’ve found, to not feeling old as you reach the end of your time in college is to hang out with grad students (med students work too).

  2. ellen
    | Reply

    I’ve been working on cultivating friendships with young professionals and I hope the more time I spend with them the more acclimatized I’ll become to the idea of joining their ranks. RIT is short on grad students, so I’m mostly finding myself with women working in my department and external design programs.

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