The Cliff of Graduation

I’ve started packing some for Germany, mostly things like summer clothes. I’m starting to get pretty nervous about going! It’s going to be a new experience to be traveling in Europe by myself. I’m going to try to fit all the things I need for four months into a hiking backpack and a carry-on backpack for the flight over.

I’m also nervous about my impending graduation (it seems all the more impending because a bunch of my friends graduate this year). What am I going to do after college?! Can I really get a job that will pay me enough to live on? Even though I have pretty good finances right now, the idea of needing to pay for the really important things like insurance and housing is kind of scary. My mom assures me I’ll do fine as long as I “spread my wings before I get to the cliff.” I think I’ll do fine as long as I can find a full time job…

I went over to Heidi’s apartment to watch the episode of Battlestar Galactica from Friday. Although it was interesting to see the glimpses from the characters’ lives on Caprica, and the scene where Adama makes the crew choose sides had potential, I thought the episode lacked a lot of the punch of earlier episodes. Even the choosing sides scene was nowhere near as impactful as usual. But Heidi has kitties who are very affectionate! ^^

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  1. Abe
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    I survived in Japan by bringing fewer clothes than I needed and then buying some more these as they became necessary. This, of course, made traveling back more troublesome than traveling there (I had to buy an extra duffel bag as well), but the amazing cheapness of some things in Japan served me well.

    About finding employment after college, well, if I can manage, I’m sure you’ll be fine. I recommend seeing if you college has a career advisory program or anything like that. They can be a big help.

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