“There must be some way out of here…”

Battlestar Galactica’s series finale was frakking awesome! I had serious concerns after Daybreak part 1 because I thought it lacked the punch of some of their more epic episodes, but come on, there were moments in part 2 to rival the time Galactica jumped into the atmosphere on New Caprica! I really loved the opera house scene especially. It had that great feeling of pieces sliding together. And the final bit was well done, critique from the angels —although I could have done without the “oh look we’re making robots too” bit. The whole critique rather reminded me of the end of Men in Black. I was worried when they got to Earth at the end of season 3 or whatever, because it kind of felt like filler for a while —just as it did to the fleet itself— but they pulled it off!

Definitely looking forward to seeing The Plan when it comes out. That will be cool to see. I’m not as excited about Caprica —the preview didn’t look that good to me. Probably I’ll check into reviews when the pilot is released in April and then we’ll see about it when the full show comes to Sci Fi.

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  1. Nate
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    We were discussing Caprica during the show of course, especially after the first try to show a preview was for Stargate:Universe instead, so when the real Caprica came on, we still weren’t quite sure whether it was the real thing. From what I’m reading online it looks like it might be much better than the previews imply, although it seems like it might be something of an allegorical tale along the lines of the last few minute sof the finale… especially as we know how it will end.

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