Dangerous business, stepping out your front door

On Tuesday I went with the other Americans to get bikes from the Rotary Club guys here. Although I already have a bike, I got a sweet bag commemorating Dessau and the Bauhaus! Perfect for carrying groceries home precariously balanced on aforementioned bike’s handlebars. 

Seminarplatz at the center of campus
Seminarplatz at the center of campus

The bag contained some touristy materials about biking routes to nearby Roßlau and Wittenberg (which sounds cool… but it’s 35km away). Yes, that Wittenberg! Either I picked the right place to study, or Europe is so steeped in history you can’t leave your house without tripping over something historical. Further, it looks from the map like I was practically in Dessau while on my family stay in 2003, because my host-sister had a choir concert in Oranienbaum.

Over the weekend Nate set me up with RIT’s VPN client so I can watch Dollhouse and the Amazing Race again, which is really great! Dollhouse is definitely getting better, and Sunday’s Amazing Race episode was more exciting than usual.

My Kurzprojekt wrapped up today with our final presentations. Here’s our class site (in German). My partner and I get top billing! I have to say I love the header image for Rafael and Anja’s project. I’m not sure how well our presentation went, I was just glad to get it over with. The other presentations were long and hot and got kind of boring in parts, and the rest of the day was mostly spent rehearsing and stuff. At the moment I’m kind of bummed that the square dance club isn’t meeting this week. I can’t wait for next Thursday! Tonight there’s a little celebration at the cafe on campus for the end of the Kurzprojekt. On Monday my Fotografie elective will start.

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