Erste Tag des Semesters

Cute drawing Janine did for our cleaning schedule. We each get our own cartoon.
Cute drawing Janine did for our cleaning schedule. We each get our own cartoon. Mine seems appropriate... :p

Today was enrollment day at Hochschule Anhalt. Tomorrow will be my first day of classes. After an afternoon of presentations from the teachers about what their projects will be, I battled with German students to sign up for my picks of the projects. Who on earth thought it would be a good idea to post the signup sheets on the small landing of a staircase and then have students fighting for sheets? I couldn’t even find the sheet for one of my choices for a while because it was circulating hand to hand, instead of posted on the wall. I’m not totally sure whether I got the projects I want because there was disagreement among the Americans whether we automatically get into our first choice projects.

In the end my first choices were: Kurzprojekt (short project): some sort of dynamic information presentation project, Großprojekt (long project): film promo for a book, and elective project: presenting the idea of glamour through photography.

Die Küche und Janine
Die Küche und Janine

I talked to my flatmate Natalie this evening. She and her boyfriend Micha are going to a Middle Ages Market at the end of April, and I’m excited to be going with them! They’re a little hard to understand sometimes, but they seem pretty cool. Maybe as I get used to hearing naturally spoken German I won’t need people to enunciate and speak simply as much. They asked me lots of questions about the US vs. Germany, which is a little hard, because I don’t really know what German life is like. I haven’t really experienced enough of the culture yet.

They also tried to explain the washing machine to me because I’m running out of pants, but explaining in rather high-speed German that I could only wash dark clothes and then light ones in that order didn’t really work too well. I may end up with my pants all turned green… Hopefully Janine can explain a little more clearly what the problem is with the washing machine tomorrow. It seemed like a foreign concept to Natalie that I only brought about a week’s worth of clothes and that I’d rather not buy more… :(

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    Nope, they came out fine.

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