History of Dessau

I took what was supposed to be a bike tour today, but our tour guide decided that he felt more like walking, so we spent 3 hours listening to our slow-speaking guide explain in rambling detail about the sights of the area while we walked to 3 locations in town. The Georgium house, near the campus, with a famous painting gallery, the Environmental Agency, and the town hall. Despite learning about the historical sites of import in the surrounding towns, the tour was incredibly boring. Evidently Bach worked within biking distance of Dessau, and the Handel festival in Halle will be at the end of May. The incredible length of the tour was somewhat compensated for when he bought us ice cream at the end, and by the nice weather, but next time, I’d really rather just do the research myself.

Afterwards, I walked back towards campus with the other Amis, and we stopped at a bratwurst stand on the way back. Since I only had .80€, I had to buy the cheapest thing on their menu, and Tara, I can totally understand now why you became vegetarian after living in Germany. I don’t really like hot dogs to begin with, and I don’t really eat anything bratwurst-like in my normal life in America. Ever since my dad explained to me how sausage was made, I’ve been leery of them. This bockwurst was like a large hot dog with a double thickness of rubber on the outside. It was disgusting. The inside tasted reasonable, but having to feel whatever that rubber stuff was (not to mention wondering what it was anyway) on my teeth and tear through it every time I took a bite just kind of took away from the taste.

In the end though, the disappointing tour and the rubbery wurst were made up for by photography class. It lasted forever, but when it got to my turn to show my teacher my contact sheet, he said “wow!” and talked admiringly about one of the photos. He said it looked very romantic and natural and that everything fit together well. He and one of the other students both asked me if I’d taken the pictures myself, which I take as a compliment – it’s much easier to take a picture of someone else than of yourself! He also said that all my photos had good composition (except for the one of me sitting in front of the tree), so I guess I got quite a good set of photos. ^^ The final version is due next week, along with a contact sheet for the next project.

Photos from today next time. it’s been a busy day and I’m ready for bed…

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