I’m famous!

Thats my photo! ^^
My photo was shown on the front page of Wikipedia on the Apr. 11 featured article!


In other news, I spent a good chunk of Saturday painting eggs with Janine. We had a lot of fun, and when I got up to have breakfast on Sunday, I was shooed out of the kitchen so she and Micha could finish hiding them for me… I had fun looking for them, and then we ate some. :P They also gave me a ticket for “Der König und ich” for tonight, which is being performed at the local theater where they work. The weather this week is supposed to be in the mid 70’s!

Last week my mom sent us three different egg dye kits, but since white eggs were all sold out, the only dye that really worked on our brown eggs was the normal kind. We had fun playing with the glitter from one of the other sets. I pointed out that we could use crayons to mask the dye off, so Janine got out her pastels and we drew on the eggs. I tried my hand at making cat and mouse eggs, but the rest of the critters are hers. ^^ They’re all so cute! The fox to go with the chicks was my idea though. I think it goes with the theme from the dragon and devils…

Happy springtime!

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