My Kurzprojekt started today. It lasts from 9-4 or 5 with a short break for lunch. Which means it’s really long. Even the German students seem a little unclear what the assignment is, but the class is about Web 2.0/networking tools, Google Earth, and “mashups.” The mashups sound like a subset of what we were doing in the data visualization project at RIT, tracking 2.0 stuff and displaying it on a Google Map. There are only 6 people in my Kurzprojekt. Unfortunately, the Bauhaus’ network ( ^^ I’m taking my class in the famous Bauhaus!) is separate from the rest of the campus wifi, and they reset the password every semester, so the students had no internet. The afternoon was spent learning to install WordPress and edit WP CSS. The php and css behind blogs doesn’t strike me as the best place to start teaching design students… I spent some time adding shines to the lab glass in my header image, since I already know how to install WP and my CSS is okay.

I also got my insurance coverage checked out, so I’m good on that score. In the future I need to bring lunch with me, because the Mensa’s food is what you pay for – really cheap, and not very good. So I stopped at the store and bought a loaf of sliced bread and yogurt and juice and stuff. In the future maybe I’ll just buy lunch for the day on the way in, since it’s right on the way to class.

One of the cool things my professor showed us was Photosynth, which runs on MS Silverlight, :( but uses sort of crowdsourcing to produce an interactive environment out of a bunch of pictures. Think a 3D panorama built from an audience’s photos. I also found an interesting website: German for Travelers: Dos and Don’ts.

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    I don’t think Mike and Ron are embarrassing ever..

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