“One thing that makes spring complete for me…”

“Der König und ich” was well done. I gather that the guy who played the King is famous for the part here in Germany. It was pretty cool to see it performed in German. Since I saw the movie in English a long time ago, I understood most of what they were saying, although most of the side plot with the two secret lovers kind of escaped me, other than what was obviously going on.

Easter weekend was gorgeous. The trees have started to get their spring green on and the weather has been wonderful. A bee has made its home right outside my window, and is constantly wandering in and out. I went out and took photos for the panoramas of campus in my kurzprojekt, and I’m going to try taking my macro lens next time so I can get shots of the tulips and daffodils in full bloom. I’ve got almost all the functionality implemented in the kurzprojekt, but it looks really hideous as we haven’t put Wiebke’s graphics in yet. I understand a little better now why programmers spare so little time for making their projects pretty. :P We’re presenting late Thursday afternoon, so we have to get it polished before then.

I sent off a set of mockups to my new client, IEMS, this morning. With more free time in the German semester, I’m hoping that I will be able to do a better job at completing it satisfactorily with better design and implementation than my previous clients. I’m still stinging a bit from my last design-by-committee freelance project, and hoping to redeem myself with what I’ve learned since then. Thanks to Adam’s Networking class for cracking the whip over my website mockups!

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