Piep piep! (as the German chicks say)

Well, the BBQ didn’t turn out as expected, because after an hour of playing frisbee and waiting for Patricia to come back with meat from the store, it turned out we had to pay the people whose grill it was to cook their meat. Since I’d already eaten and everyone else was armed with a beer that I didn’t really want, I went home after another half hour or so. The frisbee was very fun though, and nice to play with my classmates.

When I got home I had a package of Easter candy and way-cool egg dying kits from my mom to share with my flatmates. Janine is very excited about dying eggs (especially since one set is for “glitter eggs”) this weekend! They’ve never had Peeps, so they’ll get to try the box of them this weekend. In the past couple of days all the daffodils have bloomed in preparation for Easter. I’m hoping to do video chats to any of my friends who are available this weekend, as I’m starting to miss everyone from the US! Please feel free to give me a call.


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