Project Discovery

Per the request of my teacher, I’ve signed up for Twitter under the username thosesocks. Beyond stuff for class, I don’t know how much I’ll use it — it strikes me that the internet doesn’t really need to know what I’m doing every moment.

The shared backyard of our apartments
The shared backyard of our apartments

It’s a little strange to have class so infrequently. At RIT you really hit the pavement and are constantly juggling three or four projects in addition to having class about four days out of the week. Here I have much less obligation because we’re supposed to be self-motivated adults instead of sheep. The teacher holds class when she feels it’s needed, and just tells us not to come in on days we’d be researching or developing.

So I took a break from writing/translating my report on RSS Monday to bike down to the post office and the shopping center. I got a pair of more Europeany shoes at a store that was having a sale, although I think they might be about one size too small. I’m hoping they fit better if I wear them a little more… ^.^; Hopefully soon I’ll take a picture of them when it’s light out. There were also a lot more bakery and grocery shops than I’m used to seeing at a mall.

We had class again today and finally figured out what our projects are. My partner Wiebke and I sold the professor on an idea to highlight the “cool” spots in Dessau by making photo panoramas and putting them on an interactive map of the town. I’m hoping to make an actual mockup of it in Flash as it doesn’t sound too complex to simply demo.

Tonight I heard there was a BBQ on campus, and as it was about 72°F today, I’d like to get out of the apartment, enjoy the evening, and hopefully see my friends.

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  1. Nate
    | Reply

    Bah. You and your “spring weather”, and your “sun”. Today it was 30 degrees, snowing, and winds in excess of 25 mph, meaning probably 30-40 on campus.

  2. Abe
    | Reply

    Chicago was the same. I got back from Boston on Sunday night to find snow on the ground here.

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