After the research into RSS I did for my Kurzprojekt, I finally subscribed to my first online magazine. It’s really cool to get a new article twice a day on the design stuff I love, and I’m hoping it will keep my designs energized for some time to come.

I sent off the next version of the design to IEMS this morning – now I just hope I can code what I’ve designed! Their Director of PR, Ashley Pastore, says “This is amazing… We love the logo.” Once she runs the design by the board hopefully I can get down to coding this thing.

I went to get my visa with the other RIT students on Tuesday, but unsurprisingly it didn’t work. I need a photo printed as a “real” photo, and my health care letter translated into German, and a bank statement that isn’t from a month ago, also translated into Euros. To my frustration, my bank emailed me Tuesday evening that a new statement was ready online. This was after waiting for two or three hours.

20091 class schedule
20091 class schedule

Today I registered for my fall classes at RIT. Mondays look terrible, but the rest of the schedule doesn’t look too bad. Of course, that’s not factoring in whatever my work schedule will be. Although at the moment I have Tuesdays and Thursdays completely free, I’m a little worried because I’ll be taking senior-level NM classes plus two classes in which I hear the teachers are tough. At least Chels will be keeping me company in art history! ^^

I started my “video prologue” Großprojekt today. The teacher definitely resembles Jason Arena… Which is a good thing. Prof. Hartmann obviously knows his stuff. Luckily for the Amis, he speaks a lot of English and is willing to say most of his material twice – once in German and again in English. We’re supposed to make our projects kind of abstract, since it’s a trailer for a book, not a movie. I have to think about what book I’m going to prologue now. I’ll definitely take recommendations!

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    what book did u pick? i forget. i know i am way behind here.

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