Selbstporträt II

I went out this morning to take more pictures, and while I didn’t get out of the apartment as early as I’d been hoping, morning and evening light here last forever, so it was no problem. It went a lot better today, since I had figured out how it (self-portraiture) works on Friday and I loosened up a little and had some fun. The light was also nice, and as long as I didn’t stand around the camera too long, the mosquitos weren’t too bad. Here are a couple of the second-best photos—the ones that were focused in the wrong place or just looked so much better in color than meh black-and-white.

My parents pointed out that Rockapella is going to be performing about 4 hours from here in about a month. The trouble is that it’s on a Wednesday night, which neatly falls between my Wednesday afternoon class and my Thursday morning class. But how cool would that be to go see Rockapella? I also wanted to see the Leningrad Cowboys, which will also be performing nearby this summer, until I saw that their opener was an erotic show… :(

The trees here are all blooming very prettily, and the weather is beautiful again. I went for a bike ride in the countryside last night, which is a totally different feel than any times I’ve gone bike riding in the countryside in America. (Well, it bears some resemblance I guess to biking along the canal paths or on country roads, but not really…) I was glad that I was on a bike though, as every time I stopped, I was besieged by all sorts of bloodsucking bugs.

I saw the pilot ep for Caprica (the prologue to Battlestar Galactica), and while it was definitely nsfw and graphic in its violence, it My new shoes raised some interesting ideas and fascinating insights into how the cylons came about. Also they totally fixed the Metaverse’s movement detection problem! omg. I love Snow Crash to death, but it’s always bothered me how the Metaverse takes motion input. There’s no mouse interface, and at one point it describes Hiro waving a sword around for input. And yet he can interact with it in small spaces. Caprica, however, solves this problem by clearly explaining that you just think of walking forward, and you do. Which, by the way, is probably the way it’s going to be done, from what I’ve seen of brain-controlled interfaces.

3 Responses to “Selbstporträt II”

  1. Elaine Rockett
    | Reply

    Those socks!

  2. Angus
    | Reply

    I like the swirly picture. That seems like you. I look forward to seeing the B&W final versions.

  3. Marilyn Case
    | Reply

    I love the twirly one also. I love your purple skirt too. :-)

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