I may have made a tactical error last night when I decided to take a nap instead of going to buy food for the weekend, as today is Good Friday and everything in Dessau is closed. I’m hoping Janine is right that the stores will be open tomorrow because I have a serious shortage of food for the weekend. Luckily Micha made a big pot of chili for all of us last night, with enough extra to get me through today… ^^; I planned to get up and get a fresh breakfast from the store down the street this morning, but ended up munching on the rest of my snack food to get me to lunch.

So what was I doing last night instead of buying food…? I went to the Dessau square dance club, the Dessauer Sunheads! It was really fun! It made me feel like I’d been missing a lot by not continuing square dancing. When I get back to Rochester maybe I’ll find a dance to drag Nate to.

Though to be fair, the club was probably about 20 years younger than the members of the Casey Curly Q’s at home. It made dancing a lot more fun, not least because the caller played the songs at a speed that kept me on my toes, rather than a speed appropriate for 80-year-olds with their oxygen tanks. And it’s always nice to see people my age dancing, so I was happy when two guys showed up to introduce their girlfriends to square dancing. Since we were a little short on guys, it was probably a good thing that their gf’s weren’t interested in more than one tip of crash-course square dancing, which helped even out the gender gap. It was also the birthday of one of the members, so we had some sort of sparkling wine and toasted to him.

As with all the other dancers I’ve met, the Sunheads were very nice and friendly, and asked me repeatedly what I was studying and where I was from in the US. Although some of them couldn’t speak English at all, they were largely more understandable than my peers when speaking German. Unfortunately a lot of my peers speak quickly and don’t enunciate, making it really really hard for me to distill what they’re saying, and then when I look confused they switch to English instead of saying it again more clearly.

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  1. Frances Harris
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    I totally sympathize. We started a trip in Ireland on a Good Friday and the whole country was shut down. I think we ended up watching a video in our B & B room instead of going anywhere. Much to our surprise, Easter Sunday was hoppin’ for business and pubs, once church let out.

    So, DO consider contra dancing once you get back. Very energetic, and less fussy, I think. Most callers include a square or two.

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