Two Kitties and a Pony


Today was day two of classes, but it was much less intense than yesterday. Our teacher wasn’t there, we just had the system admin for our building come teach us XML and loading it into AS3. Pretty simple, so again, not much learning. The guy who is going to get us onto the network was only available 11-12 today I guess, so I left class early to meet with the other foreign students. Unfortunately, when I found the other RIT students, they still hadn’t acquired keys for their new housing, so I waited around with them for an hour, and finally they got them. By then it was too late to see the computer guy and I only had half an hour of class left so I wandered home, on the way finding the art supply store. :) This evening we had a video conference for RIT’s study abroad fair thing, which was fun but Ron and Mike can be kind of embarrassing… xP

Mein Wohnung
Meine Wohnung

The picture is of the building my flat is in. We’re on the first floor, the window on the left side of the photo. My window is further left, outside the frame.

Last night I went for a long walk with Janine and Micha through the park and along the outskirts of town. We took our cameras and I came back with lots of pictures! Along the way we saw a woman walking a beautiful brown pony, but I didn’t get a picture, and then later we saw two kitties surveying the street from someone’s doorstep. One of them freaked out and ran off when we showed interest, but the other one held really still and just looked grouchy. ^^;

Two of my flatmates
Meine Mitbewohneren

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  1. Elaine Rockett
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    Your photos are looking really great. It’s nice to see your life through the camera lens!

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