Week in Review

I’ve been in Germany for a week now! :D It’s very exciting. My peers have been quite nice and surprisingly friendly, and the weather has been pleasant and springy. Yesterday the weather was 70 and sunny. I’ve been enjoying learning to live in Europe, taking lots of pictures, and trying to communicate in German. Since I asked my roommates to speak German instead of English to me, I’ve been getting lots of practice! I’m finding that while my spoken grammar needs a lot of work (what? past tense? what’s that?), if I talk long enough they stop looking confused — hopefully because they understand what I’m trying to say. At least Janine told me I should be proud of my German. My roommates also lowered the seat on Micha’s old bike so I can ride around town. It was an exciting experience trying to balance two grocery bags on the handlebars while I biked home…

The lights in the windows across the street look very romantic, framed by the old European window frames. I tried taking a picture of the enclosed green space behind our flat, with the windows glowing in the dark, but my camera refused, so I’ll have to try again earlier in the evening. For the moment it’s making me miss my Nate.

I set up a Yahoo account (blech) and played with Yahoo! Pipes, setting up a little design feed pipe for my Kurzprojekt. As advertised, it’s still in beta and that became pretty clear in using it, but it seems more interesting than I initially gave it credit for. I don’t really have enough feeds to make it worth using personally. If I could think of how to filter Slashdot better, I’d use it just to restrict the huge number of articles /. sends me. The demo I saw using it to filter only sports the author was interested in looked useful though.

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