Monthly Archives: May 2009

Bikes and Beer

Shown at left, I finished the Myst meme (finally – it took me most of a year!) that’s been circling among the Myst fans on DeviantART. I also talked to Ben very briefly today on Skype, it sounds like Swine Flu made it interesting getting into China. (more…)

Online Privacy

I find it fascinating how people treat the social networking aspects of the internet. On the one extreme, you have 4chan and Anonymous, and on the other, you have paranoid people who hide from the internet and worry that their name will turn up in a Google search. Since everything is posted (more…)

German Grammar

I found out why Janine is so much easier to understand than 80% of the Germans I’ve talked to — there is a huge range of dialects, full of contractions and mispronounced letters, and every village has a different one evidently. Janine makes a big effort to speak in high German for me, and it makes a huge difference. (more…)