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Stormclouds gathering
Stormclouds gathering

Janine’s mom came to visit for a few hours on Thursday and we spent a while practicing English with her. She speaks pretty well for only doing 6 months of it! She’s very nice and made us yummy fish soup. I told her she could call and ask how to pronounce things if she needs help. I think the hardest part of being a foreign language teacher must be teaching at the right level, and knowing when to say “yes that’s right,” and when to introduce new words or structures…

Nate heard back about housing for the fall, and he’ll be living in Colony Manor, the next complex over from mine. It will be nice to have him closer than a 20 minute bus ride. Hopefully his roommates will be nice this time and his apartment won’t be too horrible. I’ve heard that CM apartments can be undermaintained.

My family is going to southern Illinois this weekend to bury Gramma’s ashes. Even though it’s just putting a box of burned stuff in the ground, I wish I could be with my family for it. This spring I’ve come to better understand the need for religion and belief in some sort of explanation for where dead people go, and how illogical death is. Even if I don’t believe in Gramma’s beliefs, it’s been very comforting to know that she had an afterlife to go to. She declined for a long time and we had a lot of time to prepare, and when her time came, her son was with her. Despite knowing it was her time and being prepared for it, I still have illogical responses. I can’t imagine how illogical they would be for someone dealing with sudden death.

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