Bikes and Beer

Shown at left, I finished the Myst meme (finally – it took me most of a year!) that’s been circling among the Myst fans on DeviantART. I also talked to Ben very briefly today on Skype, it sounds like Swine Flu made it interesting getting into China.

We went to ask at the local bike shop about getting my broken axel fixed, but no luck there. The guy told us that there’s a bike rental shop near the train station, so I can rent a bike for things like day trips. Like the one to Wörlitz that Janine and I are going to take. It’s supposed to be very pretty there, and hopefully the weather will be nice. It’s also halfway to Wittenberg, so we’ll see how that goes considering that I’m still not very exercised.

Thursday was Männertag (aka Himmelfahrt/Ascension Day), whose description reminded me of Unofficial at the U of I. Lots of drinking all day long. I gather that the German men objected to women getting two holidays, and they wanted a second one, hence Männertag. The day was very humid so I kept my window closed, but when I opened it I could hear the people at the bar a couple of buildings down being loud. Also, the mosquitos here are terrible! I guess living at the junction of two rivers kind of makes for perfect breeding grounds for them.

I started research/thinking about my book trailer project – I’m doing The Call of Cthulhu – and trying to assemble text and images to put into three different storyboard ideas. I’m not a big Kyle Cooper fan (although his work is definitely good work), but I think it will be a good style to model a horror story trailer off of.

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