Congrats to Class of 2009!

My brother and all his little friends are graduated!
My brother and all his little friends are graduated!

Ethan graduated on Tuesday, and is headed off to Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in the fall. I’m a bit sad that my little brother is so grown up! I feel like I missed an important part of his growing up when I went off to college, as he’s gotten a lot more mature since I left.

Others of my friends will be finishing college within a few weeks, or have already done so. I’m very proud of you! I’ll also miss you lots. I hope we get a chance to meet up post-graduation. Make sure to keep me updated on addresses for Winter Holiday cards/postcards! ^.^ Also, good luck with finding work, I know a couple of you are facing challenges there already.

Also, it turns out that my Rochester bank unblocked my card without notifying me, and without telling me what the suspicious activity was in the first place. (“oh wait, we were just kidding!” – a little late for April Fools, guys…) So I’m almost back to 100% access to my money in various places…

I am seriously displeased with my bank for their lack of good communication, but I feel really lucky that my flatmates here have been understanding about my stupid bank. Just in time for me to pay rent! haha.

In other news, my programming the new flash site is chugging along. And I’m halfway through! I have two months left in Europe, and then I’m heading home. :/ It was really nice to do a video chat with my dad and grandparents last night. I haven’t been to New Hampshire in quite a while, I hope that I can go next summer or something.

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