German Grammar

I found out why Janine is so much easier to understand than 80% of the Germans I’ve talked to — there is a huge range of dialects, full of contractions and mispronounced letters, and every village has a different one evidently. Janine makes a big effort to speak in high German for me, and it makes a huge difference. I’m not really surprised to learn Germans don’t actually pronounce all the letters in their lengthy words, but I am that every valley has a different dialect. In the US, there are really only dialects for the major geographic regions, afaik. I guess that probably makes it easier to keep track of English contractions, when they’re sort of standardized. I wish that our teachers taught us contracted German! It would make pronouncing the words less of a mouthful :) Pronunciation is a lot more standardized in German than English, but when there are so many syllables to get lost in, it doesn’t always help.

Also, for any Germans reading this, I apologize for my genders, because I know they’re always wrong. I just don’t want to take the time to remember the chart of articles and figure out what part of the sentence the word is, and then be wrong anyway when I finally say it.

Due to the holiday a week from tomorrow, my Großprojekt class is cancelled for both days, which leaves me with an entire week free of classes! o.o :D Of course, I’ll still have photo shooting/printing to do for the following Monday, but I look forward to traveling. I have to do some serious research about how to get to/from Göttingen for the Rockapella concert for less than $100… At least they have a youth hostel there, since I won’t be able to get back that night. I don’t know how much I’m willing to spend to go see them, so if it’s too much, I might just go spend the long weekend in Berlin or something, though I’d love to come up with something more exciting and worthy of 4+ days.

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