Helmut Newton

by Helmut Newton
by Helmut Newton

I definitely wasn’t paying attention when I volunteered to report on the photographer Helmut Newton for my photography class. 90% of his work seems to be debatable whether it’s pornography or art, and I try to stay away from artists like that. Nonetheless, the research for my report has been interesting, seeing in what ways he presents shock-value/S&M sexuality as art. And definitely educational, since normally I try to stay away from the subject. (Nick, if you’re reading this, my report has not changed my opinion on your desktop choices.) If you’re interested in looking at his work, there’s a website (Russian, nsfw) with a large selection of his photos.

Here is one of my favorite photos (yes, you’ll notice it’s completely different from most of his style). His photos often have some intriguing story behind them, so I did find some of his more typical photos interesting despite the themes.

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