Contact sheet for Monday's photography class.
Contact sheet for Monday's class.

The German government evidently thinks I’m male, according to the ID paper they sent me in the mail recently. Also, buying medicine in German is a bit nervewracking, as things are called totally different things. “Chicken eye” is what a corn is called, and “horny skin” is callus, which makes it a bit difficult to guess what’s required.

The end of Season 1 (but hopefully not the show) of Dollhouse was definitely not disappointing! It was exciting and answered some questions. It wraps things up enough that if the series ends, I won’t be saying “hey! we were supposed to find out about this other stuff!” but it definitely leaves things open-ended enough that there’ll be more to cover in a hypothetical next season.

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    Love the photos of Janine and Micha- I miss them so much :(

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