Music and dancing

Square dancing did not involve much in the way of squares this week. We tried contra, country line, some sort of country round dance, old time square dance, and then the caller did a unique rendition of “New York, New York” in my honor. Evidently the caller talked to a journalist in his neighborhood and they want to set up an interview with me, and he wants me to come in and talk to his 6th grade English class.

Afterwards, we went to a pub, which is near my apartment, and is evidently the best one in Dessau for its excellent selection of beers. For my first time making use of a bar, it seemed like a nice place. It definitely looked Old World, with lots of oil paintings in classical styles and mismatched furniture in a kind of snug basement-like room – pretty much what you might imagine a German pub to look like.

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  1. taRa
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    wow. when i was in germany a journalist interviewed me too! it was weird. i was interesting for my birth place and not for anything i personally did – besides come to their little town. there were zillions of american military people in nearby in mannhein. that was back before the wall was down.

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