Verdict on the New Star Trek Movie:

First 15 minutes: the most awesome thing I’ve seen since the end of BSG. Goes a long way to explaining Kirk’s entire character.

Yes, Im a nerd.
Yes, I'm a nerd.

The theater in Dessau released Star Trek XI (aka Star Trek 0) Wednesday night (:D a day before the US release :D), and Janine and Micha and I went to go see it. The movie was dubbed in German, so my response to the movie is definitely filtered through a language barrier—pretty much all subtleties of language and jokes more complicated than a short quip went over my head. Although this cut down a lot on my ability to nitpick, it also kept me occupied during the whole movie and let me enjoy it a lot more than I might have in English. Gonna try to avoid spoilers.

The movie was visually sweet, although they used WAY too much lens flare. By the end of the movie I was getting kind of sick of it. They also changed some of the visuals (as is evident in the preview) somewhat unnecessarily to make it look “cooler.” The movie is definitely going to look “00’s,” the same way Next Gen looked “90’s” and Original Series looked “60’s.” That doesn’t prevent it from looking great until the fashion changes though.

Having discussed sound in space in TV with Anthony just yesterday, the blatant scientific mistakes/logic holes bothered me some. There were a couple of scenes that reminded me of Star Wars and Wrath of Khan. (I kept wondering “why doesn’t he just draw his lightsaber? oh right… this is Star Trek.”) Also, what is the fascination with Romulans now? We played out the Klingons, we have to have some other evil empire to fight?

Although everything was dubbed into German, at least everyone looked original series (although I’m still not convinced about McCoy and Chekov). However, Chekov accent in German = win. It sounds even sillier in German. Spock was cute ^^ and seemed to do a great job portraying a younger version of the original. I got a commentary from Janine about the voice actors — evidently House and Elijah Wood’s voice actors were featured. It was TOTALLY AWESOME to hear the monologue in German. Also, Ms. Harris, they say “beam” in German, rather than a German word. It was definitely weird to understand what they were saying on the bridge more because I’ve watched a bunch of Star Trek than because I could actually translate what they were saying.

There were points during the movie where I thought “I’d give that 6 out of 5!” — but in the end, I think I’d give it 4 out of 5 for the total cop out and some other smaller problems, including ones I probably missed through the language barrier. Evidently Spock wasn’t the only one who learned Kirk’s Kobiyashi Maru lesson. The plot seemed pretty good to me. All in all, it was definitely awesome enough in German that I’d recommend seeing it in the theater. Once you do that you’re free to complain about the details.

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  1. Frances Jacobson Harris
    | Reply

    Okay, you sold me. I might have to actually see it in the theater instead of waiting for the DVD. And my husband will be happy to hear that there might be some shooting with Romulans. But gosh, dubbed in German – how surrealistic for you!

  2. Ben
    | Reply

    1. Lens flare: Blame Firefly, though this movie is not nearly so awesome (he says not having seen it).

    2. Sylar as Spock = creepy

  3. Marilyn Case
    | Reply

    I LOVED IT!!!! There was one sub-plot I didn’t buy (Spock-Uhuru), but other than that, I thought they did a great job of “re-inventing” Star Trek for a new generation of fans. Many students at my school were planning to see it tonight, and there was a report on the radio this morning that, across the country, 91% of theaters were sold out for the weekend. Anything that encourages more Star Trek is fine with me.

    I disagree with you about the actor playing McCoy; I thought he did a great job. Actually, I thought his portrayal was one of the best. Maybe something was lost in the translation.

    However, while I thought Zachary Quinto also did a great job as Spock, I did occasionally expect him to cut someone’s head open! ;-)

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