Monthly Archives: June 2009


Yesterday I went to the photo studio for the afternoon to make an attempt at the Mittelformat part of my real film project. I had an audience of like five people while I tried to set up lighting on my model, which made me feel really awkward, and they kept asking me questions and lacking patience, so I didn’t manage to play with the (more…)


I’ve made my travel reservations for Paris and Amsterdam at the end of July. Except for booking the Paris-Amsterdam train, which I’m having trouble with. Now it would be nice to find friends in Paris to meet up with! I’m taking a sleeper train Berlin-Paris on July 20, staying in a youth hostel until July 25 when I go to Amsterdam, (more…)


Since there was no square dance meeting on Thursday night and I went to see Viel Lärm um Nichts, I went down to Leipzig on Friday to get a tour of the city and then go to my square dance partner’s club. He told me to come whenever, without pointing out that the zoo would be the only thing open at 9am. (more…)

Viel Lärm um Nichts

The production of “Viel Lärm um Nichts” was interesting… It reminded me of the movie Romeo + Juliet, except that Much Ado about Nothing evidently translates WAY better into a modern setting. The evening was gorgeous for sitting outside, although there was something going on nearby that kept producing cannon-like explosions (more…)


I’ve had this idea in my head for about a week now and I finally sat down and drew it out this afternoon. After spending all morning trying to get Flash to talk to Javascript and failing :( (more…)

Die Prinzen

So, Janine gave me a whole bunch of music by the German band Die Prinzen the other day. I remember watching “Millionär” in German class and “Deutschland” always reminds me of one of the videos from Big Show my senior year, so it’s really cool to hear the rest of their music. Evidently they (more…)