Buttons + Styleshots

I ordered new buttons for my website, and based on my good experiences with the company before, I’m hopeful that they’ll arrive in plenty of time before I leave Dessau. I just have to revive my Paypal account and wait for the mail to come!

My book trailer project for The Call of Cthulhu is coming along slowly… It’s hard to get motivated to work on it when I have a month and a half or whatever to get it put together. Oh RIT, I will be so screwed when I come back for senior year in the fall… I’ve been working on finding photos and editing them to look dark and scary. Here are two of the style shots from it.

Also, in the wake of Apple’s WWDC conference, I updated to Safari 4 and it is SLICK. It looks gorgeous, and the Top Sites thing is awesome. It looks cool, and figures out frequent websites on its own, which is really interesting to see what it comes up with. I think it will keep people on their toes when it comes to their browsing histories though… I’m looking forward to iPhone Software Update 3.0 and Snow Leopard as well, especially since they’re cheap!

2 Responses to “Buttons + Styleshots”

  1. Kevin
    | Reply

    Style Frames are looking good. btw, the second picture links to #1 also.

  2. ellen
    | Reply

    Fixed. Thanks for catching that! I think I might need to talk to you again about other transitions than that kind of ripple effect at some point – at the moment it’s looking kind of monotonous. I’m glad you approve of the stills :)

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