Die Prinzen

So, Janine gave me a whole bunch of music by the German band Die Prinzen the other day. I remember watching “Millionär” in German class and “Deutschland” always reminds me of one of the videos from Big Show my senior year, so it’s really cool to hear the rest of their music. Evidently they perform yearly in Dessau as a fundraiser, but they won’t be doing that until well after I leave. I have a couple of songs I really like for their clever lyrics and/or nice harmony, but there’s a lot of music to get through!

Also, a couple of people have sent me links with notes that Rockettium will soon be discovered… Evidently I need to get busy with my marketing if I want to be famous in time! But seriously, we’re having enough trouble filling the orbitals in the last row of the periodic table, I’m not worried about element 119 being discovered soon. It’s going to take a lot of work before we can start a new s-orbital, and odd-numbered elements are significantly harder to produce. Also, this announcement, afaik, has to do with the 112 being accepted officially, as it was discovered quite a while ago.

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  1. Kim!
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    Hey Ellen! OMG! Die Prinzen! <333
    That' so happy. I was obsessed with Die Prinzen in high school…and even though my German is quickly fading, I still remember all their lyrics! heh.

    What songs do you like? :)

    Enjoy Germany!

    ~Kim <– UBER envious! :) :) :)

  2. ellen
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    Hey Kim, good to hear from you! I like a number of the songs but out of the ones I’ve heard, my favorite are “Mann im Mond” and “Thema Nr.1” (which I find even more interesting after seeing how the lyrics are written) – and I like most of the songs on D.

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