Englisch Unterricht

There’s some awesome inspiration for my Cthulhu project on Motionographer!

This morning I went to the English class the square dance caller teaches to answer questions from his 6th grade students. I was kind of worried about them asking questions that would either be too complicated to answer quickly or they wouldn’t ask any questions, but they were really curious. As it turned out, questions about movie/music stars and what I thought of places I’d traveled to, in and out of the US, were the most popular. Since I live under a rock, the questions about famous people were difficult (especially since these were the American stars 6th graders would be watching). I think my favorite question was when one kid asked, “Do you have friends?” lol, what kind of question is that?

The kid who asked if I liked Döner was probably my second favorite though, because I know the other Americans here have been eating them as their staple food. I like Döner a lot better than wurst, and I can actually figure out how to eat them, unlike wurst. >.<

It was kind of disconcerting to have all my American phrases and pronunciations picked up and written on the board or discussed. I think most Americans would probably agree that we’re not really that proud of our dialects – we’re pretty lazy when it comes to pronouncing our words. I thought it was interesting that both sections asked me if I had seen stars from Hollywood, even after I explained that the famous people were mostly on either end of the country, far away from where I grew up. I couldn’t think of anything for the first section, but I recalled meeting Bill Nye for the second section.

Is it sad that the only “stars” I can remember meeting are popular science people (and John Linnell)? And maybe I’m too cynical (and prefer the rock I live under too much), but I’m puzzled why everyone here asks me about going to Las Vegas… My image of Las Vegas is not really a place where I would tell foreigners to go, even if it’s what they see in movies.

All in all, it was a pretty interesting couple of hours, and hopefully the kids learned stuff.

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  1. Ben
    | Reply

    Visiting English classes is a lot of fun. The Chinese students have a way of mobbing American students in a friendly way. You’ve never been friend mobbed until you’ve been mobbed by the Chinese.

    But anyway, it’s quite interesting to see the differences between the Chinese and German English students. The Chinese students are a lot more interested in day to day life and social issues than in American pop culture (though the fact that I’ve been talking to college students may make a difference). Although I have been asked about what music I like a lot.

    Oceansize reminds me a LOT of The Combine from Half Life 2, with a little Portal thrown in.
    I have to wonder whether there’s a third source, or whether the Oceansize guys like Valve games.

  2. Elaine Rockett
    | Reply

    So, how does one say “nerd” in German?

  3. ellen
    | Reply

    Haha, we actually discussed that in class. Between explaining myself to Sergej and Norman I’m learning the word for nerd… Evidently I’m a “Streber.”

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