Famous Daddy!

Thursday morning, my dad was featured on the local public radio station to discuss solar cells. We keep saying he’s famous! It was very exciting for all of us.

Monday was Kindertag, so Janine’s mom was very kind and gave me a box of Saxen-Anhalt chocolates along with two copies of a handwritten letter about the history of the sweets. One was her original and one had the teachers corrections – she did very well for only having had a few months worth of English class! It was very cute. ^.^ And of course, the chocolates are delicious. :D

Friday night there we did a square dance demo for the bar down the street from our meeting place, which was having an almost-summer-fest. Although it was pretty cold to be dancing outside, it was fun (it’s amazing what having young people around does to liven up the dance…) and I’m finally getting the hang of Load the

I see this sign every time I go to square dancing... Im still not sure why theres a German mathematical proof on a sign outside someones house.
I see this sign every time I go to square dancing... I'm not sure why there's a math proof on a sign outside someone's house.

Boat and Teacup Chain. I’m getting down to the end of my business-card-buttons though, so I should start thinking about a new design and researching a printer and/or getting a button press. It’s late and I’m getting up rather too early tomorrow to head to Potsdam, so pictures of the square dance are going to wait for Hans-Jürgen to send me his. Then there will be plenty.

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