Yesterday I went to the photo studio for the afternoon to make an attempt at the Mittelformat part of my real film project. I had an audience of like five people while I tried to set up lighting on my model, which made me feel really awkward, and they kept asking me questions and lacking patience, so I didn’t manage to play with the lighting as much as I wanted. Then I kept switching back and forth between my digital camera to set up the shot, and the film camera to take pictures for my actual project, and I lost like five exposures (from my roll of 12) because the flash didn’t go off after I switched it back to the film camera. Despite how long it took to take a photo, the amount of time I spent in the studio was a lot less than I expected. Here are a couple of the digital pictures, as I’m planning to go with the other Americans on Monday to try to figure out how to develop the film ones.


Obviously studio portraiture is something that requires practice. I’m so thankful for digital cameras and Photoshop… Thanks to Marla Mrowka for modeling for me.


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