I’ve made my travel reservations for Paris and Amsterdam at the end of July. Except for booking the Paris-Amsterdam train, which I’m having trouble with. Now it would be nice to find friends in Paris to meet up with! I’m taking a sleeper train Berlin-Paris on July 20, staying in a youth hostel until July 25 when I go to Amsterdam, and then in another youth hostel until my flight out the morning of July 28. Have I mentioned I’m not looking forward to leaving Germany? :( Lately I’ve been feeling more at home here than I think I’ve ever felt in Rochester.

Here are more pictures from my normal walking route, when I was taking pictures for my “landscape portrait” project. And I finally know what they’re growing in the fields around here! I’ve been kind of confused to be surrounded by things other than corn and soybeans…

2 Responses to “Reservations”

  1. Elaine Rockett
    | Reply

    Oooo! I like the pictures of the bridge/overpass or whatever. The shadows are striking.

    I hadn’t been aware of your appreciation of Germany and your reluctance to leave. I know what you mean, because I went through something similar back in 1995 when we had to leave Sweden.


  2. Angus
    | Reply

    Love the pictures. Your use of light is really getting better.


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