Rough Cthulhu Animation

I finished roughing out my animation with music today: First draft of Cthulhu trailer. I’m not really satisfied with the music, it feels way too calm, although it’s possible that to someone who hasn’t been editing this together, it makes sense. It also needs secondary animation and better transitions for the pictures (and maybe not having the ripple throughout)… Which means I have to think of some secondary animation for it. :( I’m more pleased with this than some of my previous motion graphics projects, but I’m still not very impressed. I’ll stick to interactive design.

Either way, I have the first draft roughed out (yay!) and tonight I’m super excited about going to see Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing auf Deutsch (“Viel Lärm um Nichts”). It’s one of my favorites with all the quips that Benedict and Beatrice trade :P I know it’s hard to understand Shakespeare if you’re not familiar with the old-fashioned language, so I’m a little worried about whether there will be a similar problem in German, but we’ll see.

2 Responses to “Rough Cthulhu Animation”

  1. Kevin
    | Reply

    Perhaps try adding some out of focus particles, and some color shifts. Check out the into to GKaster’s reel. He has some awesome under water stuff (well, all his stuff is awesome).


  2. Ben
    | Reply

    As far as music goes, you might want to try listening to some Midnight Syndicate, I think they’ve got some of the feel you’re going for here

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