Saturday was the celebration of Luther’s wedding in Wittenberg, so I went to check it out. Once I got there, I realized it would have been a good idea to do research – there were at least two large churches in town, and postcard stands had a distinct lack of poscards with doors on them. I finally found a bunch of people hanging around a set of doors with a painting in gold above them, and according to the placard by the door, legend holds that “the main entrance” was where the 95 Theses were posted. The door was on the north side of the church, and the main spire was at the west end, so I was confused about whether I was standing at the actual main entrance. So I think I’m right when I say this is a photo of the commemorative door where the Protestant Reformation started.

The whole city was in on the celebration, with some areas roped off as specifically medieval areas and the rest medieval interspersed with shops selling modern stuff. It felt very festive, but there were a huge number of people, and the medieval stuff was spread out around the city, so Rosslau had a nicer atmosphere. The blue pottery man was there again, with the same cart as at Rosslau, but this time with the addition of a very pretty black cat. Most of the day I spent wandering around looking at stalls and listening to the various performers. I think it would have been more fun if I had gone with someone.

Their weapon stand was labeled with the phrase "Silent leges inter arma," which I learned just recently (the things you learn from Star Trek...)
Shop selling hand-printed woodcuts of various scenes

I bought this really awesome flask. The merchant had a bunch in different shapes that looked like they required D&D potions. After I got home I realized the neck is too small for most cleaning implements I can think of, so the only potion I may be able to put in it is dihydrogen monoxide


The highlight of the day was the celebratory parade for Luther’s wedding. I got a spot at the corner near the band stand in the central square, which was pretty good, but it took about an hour for the parade to start. It was cool to watch everybody march by. There were musicians and flag-throwers and dancers, farmers flinging radishes and seeds into the crowd, and royalty in carriages.


I think the population of Wittenberg must have marched by for two hours, and with very little to drink or eat I was feeling kind of faint by the end. My face is very pink from hours of standing in the sun. I really should have worn sneakers, because on top of that my feet seriously hurt, and I was tired, so I had to go home earlier than I planned. I took the 7pm train home, unpacked my rubble, lay down, and the next thing I knew, it was about 11pm, so it was probably a good thing I left when I did.

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  1. Marilyn
    | Reply

    Beautiful pictures! It sounds like it was amazing.

  2. Mike
    | Reply

    I love the flask! Very potion-worthy.

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