Alles, was ich nicht vermissen werde

Hopefully, when WordPress posts this, I will be in Paris, arriving at my youth hostel. In an effort to come to terms with leaving Germany, I’m making a list of all the things I won’t miss in leaving.

  • wondering constantly whether I’m expressing myself properly or just making a fool of myself. But I will miss hearing German all around me. What if everyone spoke German and I talked to them in English… that seems to solve the problem of both people expressing themselves the way they want.
  • German food, except for their bread and chocolate. I’ll miss having warm, crunchy rolls as meals, instead of soft rolls served as side dishes, as in the US.
  • Tacoma Narrows Bridgecobblestone streets, which never seem to be flat. You think tree roots breaking up the sidewalk, or the potholes in the road are bad? (naja, after a rochester winter maybe they don’t compare) Picture a road whose entire surface looks like the Tacoma Narrows Bridge while it was collapsing, and you know what most of the city streets here are like. But I’ll miss walking through and observing German style towns, as well as the way everyone walks or bikes everywhere.
  • however, I won’t miss lugging giant bags of groceries and liters of drinks half a mile home on foot. I admit the fresh air and exercise was nice.
  • having so much free time. Yes, RIT could do to learn something from the German attitude about classes, and yes I’ve liked the break. But sometimes it’s just too much time to think. I’m going to miss the free time once I’m back at RIT though…

Hm, this isn’t working very well, all the things I won’t miss, still have parts I will miss… Let’s try again.

  • hearing English pronounced by Germans. Sometimes the accent sounds cool, but after four months here, I’m ready to hear good old American English.
  • being six or seven hours away from all my American friends, and having to wait until late afternoon or evening for them to wake up and sign on to IM.
  • grocery shopping for ingredients in German. like that time when I thought I was buying cumin and it turned out to be caraway because I bought kreuzkümmel instead of kümmel.
  • wurst.
  • business hours and holidays are impossible to keep track of here. When I want to buy things at times US stores would be open, stores here aren’t. And when I want to talk to friends at times when US businesses would be closed, they’re at work.
  • the construction around the Lyzeum, and wondering if you’ll be late to class because your usual route to the Bauhaus has been torn up and you need an extra ten minutes to find a new way through the maze of wire fences and pits.
  • the mosquitos. Or as the Germans keep insisting, mücken (midges). I get it already, Americans are stupid and make no distinction between disease-carrying flying bloodsuckers and harmless flying bloodsuckers… Nor will I miss the everpresent fruit flies in our apartment.

This list is far too short, considering it only include such small annoyances, to achieve its goal. As you may have noticed, it does very little to decrease my disappointment at leaving the country. I will miss Germany far too much and I promise I will hurry back! Leser, bitte schreibt Kommentare zu meinem Blog, auch wenn ihr auf deutsch schreibt. Ich werde natürlich mit meinem Blog fortführen nach meine Rückfahrt. Würde gern euer Gedanken lesen!

3 Responses to “Alles, was ich nicht vermissen werde”

  1. Norman
    | Reply

    One thing you forgot is to say that you will missing the good old German-SquareDance…lol…

    • ellen
      | Reply

      Norman, the whole point of this was to make me miss Dessau less… of course I wouldn’t write about the Sunheads.

  2. Micha
    | Reply

    Hi Ellen,

    ich hoffe das du gut in Berlin angekommen bist und du dich mit deinem schweren Rucksack nicht so abmühen musstest.
    Es ist wirklich sehr schade das du gehen musstest, auch wenn wir nicht so viel zusammen gemacht haben, habe ich dich in der Zeit in der du hier warst schätzen gelernt, und irgendwie fehlt auch was, jetzt da du nicht mehr hier bist.
    Ich habe mir in den letzten Tagen, soweit denn Zeit war neben den Vorbereitungen für Janines Bachelor Präsentation (sie hat heute übrigens bestanden *firework*), deinen Blog noch einmal durchgelesen und es freut mich das dir der Aufenthalt hier so viel freude gemacht hat und es dir auch schwer fiel Dessau zu verlassen.
    Janine hat ja deine Adresse und andere Kontaktdaten, so dass man in Kontakt bleiben kann, und wenn du mal wieder nach Deutschland kommst dann bist du jederzeit ein gern gesehener Gast bei uns.

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