Went to Berlin today for my required visit. I missed my first train and had to come back an hour and a half later to catch the next one, and by about 3pm I was pretty tired out with the beginnings of a headache, so the visit wasn’t spectacular. I was missing my tour guide to give native German insights. Checkpoint Charlie especially seemed like it needed a more personal touch than the masses of old photos and paragraphs of text in six different languages.

It was good to get out of my room though and unwind a little, and I bought tourist trinkets and got fresh air and exercise. And my Paris-Amsterdam ticket is fixed now, so I can go home. I’m not sure I’m totally happy about that, but at least it’s one less thing to be freaking out about. All in all, Berlin seemed nice but I was a little down to really get the most out of it. I see it as all the more encouragement to come back here.

You can make up a story about my day. Mostly it was just wandering around central Berlin for a couple of hours taking pictures of random things. (The pictures I think are amusing will also come later when I have time to write commentary on them…)

2 Responses to “Berlin”

  1. Abe
    | Reply

    I approve of posing with the communists. What I don’t approve of is you not stealing the guy’s flag so I can hang it on my wall.

  2. ellen
    | Reply

    Yeah, I thought of you when I saw the DDR guys. I was like “oh man Abe will like this” so I got up the courage to ask someone to take my picture with them. :P

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