Jetzt ist Sommer

Dessau decided it’s summer last week, with 80º+ temperatures, so following the requests of several people, I went out and got a skirt shorter than my knees. Of course, after that the weather got colder. I’m buying a lot more clothing here than I do at home, but I have more motivation to look good here than in Rochester. Americans (or, well, the geeks at RIT, at least) don’t have the whole taking-care-of-their-appearance thing down, I think. I hate buying skirts, because they always seem to be the wrong length, and I don’t like large prints (most skirts seem to come in prints I don’t like or boring solid colors). So I was pretty happy to find a skirt that was long enough for my taste while still being short, with cute pinstripes that match my style. I had some extra time in the studio while Marla went to get our film for the Großformat camera, so I took some pictures with my camera.


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