The Fool Card

So lately I’ve realized that since leaving high school (or probably before that), I’ve tried to think through everything and its consequences before I take an action. I did some things when I started high school that were innocent and funny, but shaped my reputation for the entire time I was there. My reputation wasn’t bad, I just never liked having such silly things on my record.

When I started college, I was so locked down that I never really loosened up with my new friends. Dorky and embarrassing as I was in high school after large quantities of sugar, I’ve been realizing that overexcited passion is part of who I am and I’ll never be able to get away from it. I think my excitement has already earned me some surprising chances.

I plan to open a new door in my life and do things I want to do without thinking so much about the future. I realize this is contrary to advice we usually receive, but I’ve never really had a problem with being irresponsible, so I feel it’s time I loosened up (without actually becoming irresponsible). I hope to make more intuitive decisions and trust to the people around me, and also to make as many logical supplementary decisions to straighten out the bigger intuitive ones.

After all, I’m 20 and a Pisces – I should be having fun, and we’re renowned for our intuition. This is just fair warning if I do weird/illogical things, although I know it’s too late a warning for some people reading this.

3 Responses to “The Fool Card”

  1. Frances Jacobson Harris
    | Reply

    What silly things? WHAT SILLY THINGS??

    Anyway, yes, by all means, loosen up. Always a good motto.

  2. Marilyn Case
    | Reply

    Weird and spontaneous people are more fun! Although, I always thought you were pretty fun anyway!

  3. Angus
    | Reply

    Definitely you can loosen up some. No worries. Now and then you can let your hair down. Even austere professor types are sometimes goofy.

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