The Last Dance

I had my last dance with the Dessauer Sunheads last night. We danced at the park and had a little cookout, and one of the students from Sergej’s English class who was there was kind enough to take photos for me all evening. I’m really glad she did, because they’re great reminders of my last dance here. It was really wonderful to have a little community to meet regularly, I know I would have far fewer great memories of my stay here if I hadn’t gone every week. Many of my best memories here are thanks to the Sunheads. So thank you, Friederike and all the others who gave me photos of the various dances I went to in Germany.


Gerald and Ilona gave me a bottle of sparkling red “Nichts” and a huge card with a poem about their attempts to find “nothing.”

I love Sergej's expression in this picture
Jürgen saves my butt from awkward questions! :P

Sergej called the Plus version of “Rosalie’s Boat” for me – it kept us on our toes with Teacup Chain and Spin Chain and Exchange the Gears. That version is certainly a lot more complicated than the one I’m used to my dad calling…

Aah! I had to lead Spin Chain and Exchange the Gears... came out ok though.
Sunflower, Dessau quiz, and a card with a teeny "inspirational thoughts" book.

The dancing was a lot of fun, which mitigated the sadness I felt at it being my last. Basically the night was pure awesome in many ways… :) I think I’ll feel a little lost now though. And two pictures from last week from the batch Jürgen gave me as a parting gift:


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  1. Norman
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    Yeah, there was a really nice barbecue…and we will miss our armerican “Dessau Sunhead”. Everytime you was on our clubmeets or the dances you brought a happyness to our Squares…Thank you…from all of us…

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