The Loo (Paris, Day 4)


For my last day sightseeing in Paris, I actually managed to wake up alright. The morning was beautiful, with blue skies and clouds like a Monet painting. I got to Notre Dame around 9 and spent the next half hour taking pictures and walking around the church, and then got in line. Five minutes after I was in line, it was something like three times as long as when I got in. The morning was gorgeous for taking photos. The wait was lengthy, but the gargoyles were cool. They made me think of the children’s book Marilyn Upah-Bant gave me when I graduated called God Bless the Gargoyles. (My high school’s mascot is a gargoyle) Inside was very impressive… I could see why this is such an important tourist site for Paris.


Next was Sainte-Chapelle, practically next door. Although clearly not as impressive as the other churches I’ve seen here, it was still quite beautiful with its blue-and-gold ceiling and gold-painted ribbing. And of course the stained glass for which it’s famous in the second-floor chapel was amazingly detailed.


Eventually I made my way to the Louvre. With all the art I’ve been seeing (even when I’m not inside museums), I’m ready to stop seeing statues and famous landmarks everywhere… Naturally I saw Venus de Milo, Mona Lisa, Nike, and a good bit of the other famous stuff. After seeing some of these in person though, I really have to think that they’re probably so famous because they’re in the Louvre (and conveniently gathered in the same place), rather than because they’re so much better than other works of art. The Code of Hammurabi was pretty awesome to see though. And no, I couldn’t keep from thinking about binary and viruses when I saw it, thank you Neal Stephenson.

I liked this one because the man's face was so well-rendered, you could feel his anguish...
This rendering makes me understand better men's desire to be chivalrous and makes me see why they treasure women.
The love in this sculpture is amazing... perfectly captured.

I absolutely loved the statue of Psyche and Amor, and took photos of several other works I liked. (I took pictures of the famous stuff too, but you know what Mona Lisa looks like already.) Unfortunately, my photos can’t do justice to the beautiful works they’re of. Since I’ve been seeing so much art lately, I ran out of steam earlier than I should have, but I’ve never had that much patience for strolling through endless art exhibits. I think I’ll have to come back and visit the Louvre in short chunks in the future… But for now, I’m off in Amsterdam.

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  1. Kevin
    | Reply

    Haha, it’s funny seeing your pictures of all the buildings I studied in such detail in my Gothic Art & Arch class. Hope you had fun.

  2. ellen
    | Reply

    I KNOW. it was really disturbing to see all that stuff from art history class everywhere… Cool as it was, lol, I’m kind of glad to be leaving Paris/Europe and getting back to the US which is slightly less steeped in ridiculous amounts of history.

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