Wrapping Up

Yesterday I gave my final presentation for my Großprojekt. It went well – my teacher congratulated me on my well-prepared presentation and on having it done early so I didn’t have any technical problems. He said that my video was the most professional and cohesive of the projects we watched. I think this is mostly because the students here need Adam’s “EVERYTHING MUST BE PERFECT” lectures :P A lot of the projects were quite good, but the students didn’t quite pull through to the end in terms of quality – self-recorded voiceovers and lightly pixellated graphics brought their projects down. I was amused by Prof Hartmann’s comment that we will have time to learn perfectionism once we graduate – completely the opposite of what Adam is always berating us for.

He also told me that I relied too much on Kyle Cooper to determine my style, that my next step should be to define an Ellen Rockett style. I dunno about other people, but I kind of think the style of my Call of Cthulhu trailer is Ellen style… and it doesn’t really look that much like Kyle Cooper if you think about it, not really gruesome enough… I’m flattered all the same, since I’m still learning how to put a good video piece together. Emulation first, then develop my own style once I have my work looking good.

Final meeting to chat with Uwe.


After the final critique, Janine, Micha, Maya and I went to see Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Jana from square dancing was also there by coincidence, which was pretty awesome. It was a nice reward for doing well on my presentation, but the movie was long and seemed like it could have moved along faster, so by the time I got home late I was exhausted and headachy. The movie was quite good though, better than I was expecting. That may have been due to the fact I could barely remember what happened in book 6, and it was in German, so I couldn’t compare the lines to what they actually said in the book. Janine was telling me beforehand about what she’d read in the reviews online, and I found myself wondering what she was talking about way more than I should have, because I couldn’t remember the events in the story. But Snape got plenty of screen time (even if Helena Bonham Carter came first in the credits! >:( haha), which met with my approval.

I have loads of stuff to prep for printing before I leave Dessau on Monday (have I mentioned how much I loathe formatting for print and printing my work? There’s a fricking reason I’m in digital design…), but the upside is that I’ll have nice PDFs of my work to post here sometime in the next few days.

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