Back in the Roc

Ahh… to be able to cook food of my own, according to my own tastes, made with the ingredients I’m used to. And back with Wegmans. Oh Wegmans… when I came to Rochester, I was no believer in those who touted your awesomeness. Now I know better. When I asked them for Edam cheese I got a lesson in German cheeses. They have butterkäse! lol. Even my mom was quickly indoctrinated, when she came to visit and we got ingredients to cook dinner. And… annd oh man. all the spices here are in ENGLISH. no more buying coriander instead of cumin yay! lol.

By the way, you may have gathered that I’m back in my apartment in Rochester, NY. I cleverly scheduled my arrival for Sunday, not realizing that only freshmen are allowed to move in then. Luckily Tara saved the day and I camped out at her apartment for the night, watching Dave Chappelle for hours.

Mary (metals/jewelry major; shares my room) and Meg (graphic design major, newly engaged) were already moved in when I arrived, and Libby (medical illustration major, Meg’s roommate) will be arriving later in the week. It was a nice surprise that there was other people’s furniture and stuff in the living room when I walked in. Mary helped me get enough stuff out of storage that I can survive the night. Nate came by after work and helped me move the rest of my stuff in. It was a little awkward at times, seeing him again, but nice. It’s probably good that he’s doing a co-op job off campus so we can work past any awkwardness at an easier pace. We have way too many interests to stop hanging out, so I’m glad seeing each other again went well. And I really appreciated his help.

Tuesday means the start of full-time work for the rest of the week. I’m not sure what’s in store for me after being away for two quarters. I need to buy more than $200 in textbooks (hey, in digital design, I rarely need to buy books) for my art history class and the Mozart & Haydn class for my German language + culture minor. Oh by the way, I’m terrified of this music class – I did okay in Music Theory in high school, but music has never ever been a strong point for me.

Monday is the start of my senior year, and that, I can be excited about!

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