Financial Aftermath

So, I kept careful track of my spending in Europe, both so I could give Debbie data on how much a student spent while on her study abroad program, and to keep track of my money vs. my parents’ money, since they covered my rent, food, and the transportation to and from Germany.

Unfortunately, I recorded the whole thing in euros, neglecting to keep track of the exchange rate over time, which made it hard to calculate in dollars at the end. All in all, I spent more than 2,500€, well over $3,500, including what my parents paid. It’s close enough to the amount of money I had budgeted for the trip, and happily was significantly under the portion my parents budgeted, as I spent a lot less on food in Germany than I do in Rochester. I got to stay in Germany, Paris, and Amsterdam, learned lots about German culture, and had a really wonderful time, so it was definitely worth it. Facing my final year of college and then getting an apartment after that, however, the money looks a heck of a lot tighter than it did before I left. D: I’m really glad to have the paycheck from IEMS still coming though, and my mom has some graphic design work for her business now that I’m back.

I went to the weekly farmer’s market on Saturday, and met a couple of people I know. There were sunflowers for sale everywhere, and I couldn’t help thinking of the Sunheads… Also evidently there are plenty of Germans here in town, as you can see by the photo, and there was someone wearing an Ampelmännchen tshirt.

Ms. Harris' band. You guys sounded great!

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  1. Frances Jacobson Harris
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    Ha, thanks, Ellen! Visiting in Colorado now, catching up on my RSS feeds – this was a nice surprise :-).

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