Summer heat

Not much news from Ellenland this week – like everywhere else it seems, it’s been hot and sticky, alternating rain and disgustingly humid partly-sunny days. Over the weekend I caught up with some of my friends who are either in town for the summer or were passing through. Peggy’s archaeology trip to Peru was marred by numerous misfortunes, but I’m glad she’s looking at it positively and that she seems to be enjoying life otherwise. My other friends around here are heading into senior year of college and keeping their minds off the impending doom of graduation by working various small jobs around town. We played a lot of Apples to Apples.

My mom has been keeping me pretty busy with chores – gardening, cleaning, etc. Since I finally finished sewing (or is that stitching and mutilating?) the pants I started making several years ago, she decided that it would be great if I did some sewing projects for her. I put pleats in the curtains that needed them, and sewed little pillow covers from extra fabric we had around. I wish I could feel crafty about it, but I don’t really… it’s cool to turn a sheet of fabric into something interesting though.

Otherwise I’ve been doing bits of simple freelance and computer work for people, trying to earn some extra money in prep for the cliff of graduation.

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  1. Elaine Rockett
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    I know what you mean – I always like the *idea* of sewing and crafts but don’t like the actual *doing* the project. And the projects don’t usually turn out well when I do them. Very frustrating. You are much better than I am at that sort of thing. The drapes in the living room look much better for your work. Thank you.

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