Typography! woo!

I’m crazy about typography. I wish I could get more practice with it, but I have yet to learn how to embed fonts in my website coding, and anyway my class projects are usually on too short a timeline for me to really work the type. I guess that’s something I’ve got to work on this year! I’m always psyched when I run across beautiful typography websites or articles or books. There’s such a precision to it, but it blends in a lot of art and style. You can spend hours getting it right, and it’s easy to get wrong.

Oh and for non-design people, you mean “typeface,” not “font,” though even designers sometimes use them interchangeably. A typeface is a style of letters/glyphs with stylistic unity, like Centaur or Bickham Script Pro. A font is a set of letters that are all the same typeface, size and weight – the set of matching metal letters you would have put on your printing press back in the day. For example, the letters of 12-pt Helvetica Bold are a font. We have software developers to thank for this misappropriation of the word font.

Anyway, on to the links!

There are a lot of lists of “great web design fonts” and what have you, but this one has a better sense of taste than most I’ve seen: 65 Popular And Professional Free Fonts For Creative Typography from 1st Webdesigner

Another list of typefaces, the classics of the trade: 21 Most Used Fonts By Professional Designers by instantShift. You’ll hear the names of most of these typefaces in any reasonable typography class, but I get asked for other options than Helvetica, Eurostile, and Univers fairly often. My personal favorite fluctuates between Myriad (okay, I’m a Apple fan lol) and Helvetica depending on how I’m feeling, though you really can’t argue with any of those typefaces.

Lessons from Swiss Style Graphic Design by Smashing Magazine Swiss / German design is probably my favorite design style (I was psyched when I found out I would be studying at the Bauhaus for my semester abroad), and this is a good collection of print design in that style. I love the simple elegance and functionality combined with the power and boldness of the communication, plus the designs almost always rely heavily on type.

Typejockeys, a little Austrian design studio with beautiful style and a well-written website. And then there’s the Hoefler & Frere-Jones type foundry, which snagged the typography.com URL to tell you just how amazing they are.

And, probably my personal favorite of all the type things I’ve seen, the Periodic Table of Typefaces. It’s a cute idea, though since I’m kind of obsessed with the periodic table as a work of art, I think it could be done much better if someone with too much time on their hands really got into it. But! Periodic Table + Classic Fonts = Total Win

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